a package manager to install various Usenet media-management apps into QNAP NAS

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A package manager to install various Usenet media-management apps into QNAP NAS.

sherpa is able to install several Usenet-related search and download apps but will only install ONE app at a time. If you elect to install an app that is already installed, the app will be fully reinstalled. This means the app configuration and settings are saved, the old app is uninstalled, a new version is installed, then the original settings are restored.

To install additional apps, run it again.

If the installer script is successful, your requested package and any required packages will be installed. Any existing installation of Entware will be used automatically. If Entware is not installed, a version appropriate to your NAS will be installed.

Current status



1) SSH / PuTTY into your NAS as the ‘admin’ user,

2) Change to the Public share directory:

cd /share/Public

3) Download the installer script and make it executable:

curl -skLO && chmod +x

4) Then, to install (or reinstall) an app, run with the name of your required app as an argument.

So, to install SABnzbd+, use:

./ SABnzbd

… and then/or:

./ OWatcher3

./ LazyLibrarian

./ Medusa

./ NZBGet

Known issues

1) Sometimes, it seems existing installations of Entware can become “difficult” to work with. So, Entware can also be reinstalled, but this should only be used as a last resort. Using:

./ Entware

… will force sherpa to uninstall your existing Entware QPKG, then install a new one. Please note: Entware will be reverted back to default, and only the IPKGs required to support your installed sherpa apps will be installed. All sherpa installed applications will be restarted afterward.

2) sherpa is incompatible with Optware-NG as it’s missing a few required packages.


This will happen from time-to-time as the environment changes. If it’s not shown above in ‘Known issues’ then you may have found something new, so please add to this thread with the details of the problem you encountered. Diagnose where you can and provide a solution if you’re able. The functions in this script are a community effort. ;)

Sometimes the debug log will be required. This is always created. You can view this with:

cat sherpa.debug.log

Or run the installer in debug-mode to see it realtime. e.g.:

./ SABnzbd --debug

Firmware compatibility