a mini-package-manager for QNAP NAS

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The world's first multiple-action CLI package-manager!


A mini-package-manager for QNAP NAS.

Before you begin

This is a command-line package manager. If you’re unfamiliar with SSH, then please look at some of the fine GUI-only packaged alternatives available from the Qnapclub Store instead. You’ll have a much better user-experience.

Package management via sherpa provides extra features like easy application backup and upgrading, and can be automated via cron.

Applications available

ClamAV Deluge duf Entware HideThatBanner LazyLibrarian Medusa Mylar3 NZBGet nzbToMedia Par2 RunLast SABnzbd sha3sum SickGear SortMyQPKGs Transmission



1) Install the sherpa QPKG, available here.

2) SSH into your NAS as the ‘admin’ user,

3) Then at the command prompt, run:


… and follow the help from there.

Checkout the wiki for more information: